MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB

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Save with a Package of Sessions

Three 75-Minute Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

I recommend that people who haven’t experienced craniosacral therapy get three sessions a week or two apart to give this modality a fair try. It’s different from other forms of bodywork. Working from the inside out, CST is subtle and deeply relaxing, augmenting your system’s ability to reduce stress and reset your nervous system. Do a full check-in before and after each session to see if you feel calmer, more centered, sleep better, or have more ease, which people commonly report. Applies to Distance Healing sessions or a mixture of the two.

SIx 75-Minute Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Even better, buy six craniosacral therapy sessions. A highly recommended way to get the greatest benefit from craniosacral therapy is to receive weekly or biweekly sessions at first and then receive a monthly session for as long as you are benefitting. Applies to Distance Healing sessions or a mixture of the two.